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Item# vp500-vaporizer

Product Description

The VP-500 is one of our bestselling globe style vaporizers. It is a low budget herbal vaporizer designed for those that cannot afford to spend hundreds on an expensive vaporizer that perform the same task. The VP-500 herbal vaporizer utilizes conduction heating technology to vaporize herbs. It is small, light weight, and very portable. Because of the simplicity of the VP-500, the quality and reliability of the vaporizer is astounding. It is one of our best vaporizers with a small number of defective vaporizers.

Vaporizer Features:

Hand free glass whip

Conduction heating technology to vaporize your herbs

It is easy to use and ready in 3 minutes

Just plug it in! That is it! The vaporizer will take care of the rest. The vaporizer will automatically adjust to the proper temperature

Great for parties or large groups

Analog dial for temperature adjustment

Cheap vaporizer who those of you that are living on a tight budget

NOTE TO BUYER: Our Vaporizers are not for medical use. This vaporizer is not a medical device!!! All of vaporizers on this website are intended for legal recreational aromatherapy use only. You must be at least 18 years old to buy from this website.